GB cartridge components

Manufactured with high quality components

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1 Tube:

Made with high density polyethylene which has been passed through a biorientation process in order to improve its charateristics and mehanical resistance.

2 Brass Base:

Produced from a brass-coated steel strip later treated to produce and a perfect finish which gives it a high restistance to corrosion.

3 Primer:

The task of the primer consists of three metal parts containing the explosive paste that ignites the powder in order for it to burn with great uniformity.

4 Powder:

We mainly use simple base powder. This powder has been specially designed to obtain near constant results even in the face of important variations in temperature and humidity.

5 Container wad:

Crafted from injected polyethylene, our wads provide an excellent pattern with comfortable recoil which also protects the barrel bore.

6 Shot:

Made from lead or steel our shot is subjected to thorough quality control to ensure toughness and roundness.

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